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General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions

1.1. In these general terms and conditions, the following terms are used with the following meaning, unless expressly stated otherwise or the context indicates otherwise:

a.; the user of these general terms and conditions:, a brand of Zoet & Hartig, established at Haarlemmerdijk 158 shop in Amsterdam, registered as VOF MR_Shock, also trading under the name Zoet & Hartig, with the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number 55048234;

b. customer: the natural or legal person who places an order with via the website or telephone;

c. agreement: the agreement between and the customer;

d. product: the cake, the pastry delivered by;

e. website: the website;

f. consumer: the customer being a natural person who is not acting in the exercise of his profession or his business.

Article 2. General

2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to every agreement between and the customer.

2.2. Any deviations from these general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been expressly agreed in writing or via e-mail.

2.3. If one or more of the provisions in these general terms and conditions are null and void or should be annulled, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions will remain fully applicable. and the customer will then enter into consultations in order to agree on new provisions to replace the void or voided provisions, whereby the purpose and scope of the original provision will be taken into account as much as possible.

Artikcle 3. Images and other data

3.1. All images, dimensions, colors, weights, etc. of the products offered on the website are only approximate and cannot be a reason for compensation and/or dissolution.

3.2. All images branded with the name: may not be used for sales purposes. If this is the case, will invoke copyright and after a warning, a fine will follow.

Artikcle 4. Prices and delivery costs

4.1. The prices stated in quotations include VAT, unless stated otherwise.

4.2. The prices stated on the website include VAT and exclude delivery costs.

4.3. The delivery costs are clearly communicated to the customer via the website before the customer confirms the order.

4.4. The prices of the products and the delivery costs can be changed by from time to time.

Article 5. Ordering

5.1. You can order at via the website or by telephone.

5.2. When ordering, state the following: – Name and address details (name, address, place of residence) – email address – portion – number of persons – collection date and time – collection or delivery – and further information.

Article 6. Payment

6.1. After ordering, the customer receives a quotation and these general terms and conditions apply. If the customer agrees, the customer will receive an invoice that must be paid within 14 days.

6.2. If the cake is ordered a week or a few days before the collection date, the period of 14 days expires and the invoice must be paid immediately and in advance.

6.3. If the period of 14 days has passed and the invoice has not been paid, reserves the right to cancel the order without any form of communication.

6.4. The customer, being a consumer, can pay for the products ordered via the website or by telephone in the following ways: a. via iDEAL; b. Tikkie credit card.

6.5. When paying in one of the ways referred to in Article 6.4, the terms and conditions of the relevant provider of the payment product apply.

6.6. has taken appropriate security measures to ensure safe electronic payment.

Articlel 7. Pickup and Delivery

7.1. When ordering via or by telephone, the customer can indicate whether the cake will be picked up or delivered.

7.2. Cakes can be picked up at the Zoet & Hartig store, located at the Haarlemmerdijk 158 store in Amsterdam.

7.3. Zoet & Hartig, located at the Haarlemmerdijk 158 store in Amsterdam, reserves the right to refuse delivery during busy periods and to request that the cake be picked up.

7.4. Delivery costs are charged on delivery and this applies to every customer. Delivery within Amsterdam costs € 6.95. Outside that, delivery costs of € 1.00/km apply, calculated from the postcode of the store Zoet & Hartig, Haarlemmerdijk 158 store, 1013 JK in Amsterdam.

7.4. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. If staff of are not treated with mutual respect, invokes the right to cancel the order or not to deliver it. This must then be picked up, even if it is at the last minute.

Article 8. Cancellation

8.1. It may happen that a cake has to be canceled due to circumstances. If this happens 14 days before collection, the customer will receive a full refund of the purchase amount in the form of a voucher. Between 8-13 days before collection, a 50% return voucher is possible. With 7 days or less for collection, it is not possible to receive a refund.

Article 9. Force majeur

9.1. is a brand of Zoet & Hartig, located at the Haarlemmerdijk 158 store in Amsterdam, where cakes and individual slices of cakes and pastries from suppliers are sold via a web shop.

9.2. In the event of impossibility of delivery due to the actions of third parties or in the event of force majeure, cannot be held liable.

9.3. In the event of illness or force majeure, will make every effort to find a suitable solution that all parties can agree to.

Article 10. Transport

10.1. The cake is offered to the customer in its entirety. is not liable for any damage during transport.

10.2. It is best for the customer to place the cake in the car on the floor in front of the passenger seat or in the trunk. That’s where the cake is safest. Be careful of course when turning the car.

Article 11. shelf life

11.1. works exclusively with fresh products.

11.2. After collection, the cake can be kept for two days in the refrigerator.

11.3. cannot be held liable for any illness that follows after consuming the cake after the indicated best-before date.

Article 12. Complaints

12.1. Visible defects in delivered products must be reported to immediately after delivery. If the customer accepts the cake while it is damaged or shows a defect or if the customer does not report the damage or defect to in time, then is not liable for that damage or defect.

If there are defects on the inside of the cake, the customer must return the cake within 24 hours for inspection.

12.2. Complaints are handled by within 30 days. In the unlikely event that a complaint cannot be handled within the 30-day period, the customer will be informed of the delay.

12.3. Perishable products, fresh products or products that can no longer be resold by us for any other reason cannot be exchanged or returned. If you are not satisfied with the quality, please contact our customer service.

Article 13. Geheimhouding

13.1. Both parties are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information that they have obtained from each other or from another source in the context of their agreement. Information is considered confidential if this has been communicated by the other party or if this follows from the nature of the information. The party receiving confidential information will only use it for the purpose for which it was provided.

13.2. processes personal data in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations (Personal Data Protection Act).

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