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Apricot vlaai

 4,35 34,80

 4,35 34,80

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Apricot vlaai

Apricot vlaai

 4,35 34,80

Apricot vlaai slice

Portion: Slice or entire vlaai
Allergenes: eggs - gluten - milk - lupine
Portie: Slice or entire vlaai
Allergenen: eggs - gluten - milk - lupine

The most delicious cake in Amsterdam

The best Limburgse vlaai in Amsterdam


Vegan, gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free pastries

De lekkerste taart van Amsterdam

De beste vlaaien in Amsterdam


Vegan, gluten-, lactose en suikervrije gebakjes


Real Limburgse vlaai with butter dough, generously filled with apricots. These fruit pies are all provided with a butter puff pastry lid.

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Entire vlaai (10 persons), Slice


apricot, sugar, wheat flour, water, butter (milk), vegetable fat (palm), fully hardened vegetable fat (palm kernel),

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