Herve Kerlann Pinot Noir



Hervé Kerlann – Pinot Noir Vin de France 2014

The story

Hervé Kerlann blends Pinot Noir from Beaune (fresh and acidic) and Languedoc (riper structure) for this wine, creating the perfect balance between fruit and acidity. Only 10,000 bottles produced, the wine is aged in stainless steel tanks, further preserving the fruit structure.

The Pinot Noir is an entry level wine from his range, but one that gained professional recognition by winning awards quite often. The wine is fruity yet acidic with soft tannins, typical for well-made Pinot Noir. 

The grapes

100% Pinot Noir. Assemblage of  IGP Sainte-Marie-laBlanche (5 km from  Beaune) and IGP Languedoc.

Tasting notes

Serve between 12-14 degrees. Ruby color, nose of fresh strawberries and spices. Good and generous fruit expression on the palate, with the soft tannins making it really approachable.


This wine is the ideal lunch wine and goes well with grilled pork or meat. 

About the wine maker

Although Bourgogne is known for the greatest wines in the world, unfortunately lots of poor wines under 20 Euros are being sold. It’s not easy to find a producer that makes a ‘regular’ Burgundy wine, but we did it: Maison Kerlann. Hervé Kerlann, originally from a Bordeaux family, moved to Bourgogne to learn about wine business. He became big in the trade, mainly exporting the great wines from top producers to Asia.

Because of his contacts with the great wine makers, he managed to get a few tips from everybody he worked with. He put those tips to work in producing his own wine to make the perfect Bourgogne. 

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